Commitment to Secure Software Development

We understand that information security and data protection is paramount for our clients.

Perficient Latin America is experienced in complying with strict information security regulations and maintains robust internal security practices.


Information Securyty Management Certified


500 companies rely
on our IP policies


Our clients demand the highest security and IP protection standards. Perficient Latin America delivers.

We comply with strict information security regulations in sectors such as:

Money Bag, Bill, Statistics sheet Financial
Windmill in water Insurance
DNA chain Healthcare
Government house Government
Judge's gavel and block Law enforcement

Perficient Latin America has policies covering

  • Information Security and Intellectual Property protection

  • Secure Communication Protocols

  • Secure Coding

  • Application Data Protection

  • Security Controls at 4 levels

  • System Redundancy and Fail-Tolerant Strategies

Let’s talk about security practices in outsourcing.