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Importance of UX

The Importance of UX and How to Benefit From It

Today's users prefer easy-to-use applications and software products and will quickly shun something difficult to use. As a result, UX design has become essential for the success of many products, meaning that companies without a strong UX strategy wi...

Two women talking about UX design

UX and Product Owners: Ensuring the Strongest Relationship in App Development

During the software development lifecycle, any conflict or misunderstandings between teams results in delayed production and difficult work environments, so it's vital to establish seamless collaboration to generate better business outcomes. User exp...


Leveraging UX Testing for Conversions

 UX design and business goals should never be at odds when it comes to creating an effective application. But, implementing the right UX design to create a seamless experience for the user that also helps with conversions can be a challenge, esp...


The Role of BA and UX in IT Outsourcing Projects

It's not uncommon in offshore software development to come across two roles that seem to have absolutely nothing in common. Or so you think. Upon closer inspection, you actually find that they're much more similar than they seemed at f...


Perficient Latin America's Daily Standup with David Franco

"We know that there are a lot of challenges, but there are also a lot of exciting new things we get to do and a lot of things we can learn at Perficient Latin America." — David Franco Chica, UX Designer at Perficient Latin America Perficient Lat...


Does Your Company Need Voice-Enabled Technology? – Part 2

In part 1 we went over the ins and outs of voice-enabled technology and its most frequent applications. In this second installment, we guide you through the process of asking the right questions to determine if voice-enabled technology is right for y...

50532388_l Voice-enabled technologies are changing the way we interact with our systems.

Does Your Company Need Voice-Enabled Technology? – Part 1

?In the era of Siri and Alexa, is it important to keep up with trends by enabling voice-activated options for your users or should your efforts be directed elsewhere? With the mass popularity of Amazon's, Google's and Apple's virtual assistants, the ...


5 Lesser-Known User Experience Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your App

With the abundance of user feedback available to everyone on app stores, online forums, and social media, your company's mobile and web apps face continuous scrutiny, meaning that user experience (UX) design more important than ever for maintaining a...


4 Reasons Why Performance Engineering Is Vital for your Business

 Performance engineering is about much more than just ensuring software functionality. As modern technologies have continued to advance along with customer expectations, developing successful software programs and applications now...