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Why Exploratory Testing is Essential and How to Get it Done

Automation may be the most efficient way to execute a test case, but companies will often need to consider unknowns during the testing process, which requires an ability to perform exploratory testing. Exploratory testing is a manual process used to ...

Security Awareness

How to Build a Culture of Security Awareness within a Development Team

Applications cannot succeed in today's world without high levels of security built into them, so training software developers to build robust, secure products is essential. Security can be a complicated topic. Many developers would rather learn a new...

Security Meeting at Perficient Latin America

Password Management and Social Intelligence in the Era of Mr. Robot

Great TV shows take deep inspiration from reality and use that insight to teach us and also show us things we might be unaware of amid the chaos of our daily lives. As a tech company, one of our favorite examples of this is Mr. Robot, a show that fol...

Automated Security Testing

Automated Security Testing Tools 101

Security is a top priority for IT outsourcing companies and their clients, but maintaining high levels of security across multiple projects is often challenging and expensive. Thankfully, the key to mitigating that challenge exists in the power of au...

QA and testing automation

4 Tips for Ensuring Quality in Software Development

Believe it or not, it's near impossible to develop bug-free software. Even the world's most widely used applications have noticeable defects here and there, despite having large teams of Quality Assurance (QA) experts behind them. It's a common misco...


Cloud Security in Offshore Software Development Projects

In the mad rush to capitalize on the benefits of the cloud, organizations are still overlooking one vital aspect: cloud security. When considering that 49% of cloud databases are not encrypted and 83% of company workloads will take place in the cloud...


How to Get Started with Data Lakes

The ability to make better business decisions relies on better access to information, which companies are finding through the implementation of data lakes. Data lakes are centralized repositories that can be used to store all of a company's structure...


Boost Cloud Security in Offshore Software Development Projects

The cloud has changed the business landscape by enabling collaboration on a completely new level, which has resulted in massive leaps in creativity and innovation. Companies can now build teams of highly qualified professionals without worrying about...


Automated Security Testing Best Practices

Implementing automated security testing throughout the development lifecycle is critical to avoid major problems further down the line. However, when resorting to IT outsourcing, some organizations treat deliverables as separate from their normal pip...