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5 Tips for Developers to Stay Competitive in a Constantly Evolving Industry

5 Tips for Developers to Stay Competitive in a Constantly Evolving Industry

Despite the downturn of global hiring markets this year, demand for software developers continues to rise, but that doesn't mean they can afford to become complacent. Nor should they want to! With its constant, high-speed evolution, the software...


DevOps Tools Radar: Choosing and Classifying the Best Tools for a Project

Tools are a crucial element of the DevOps process, but the sheer quantity of tools out there can be pretty overwhelming for new DevOps practitioners. To get around this challenge, our experts have designed a DevOps tools "Radar", which helps engineer...


Tips for Building a Cost-Effective DevOps Team

DevOps is built on a foundation of collaboration, efficiency, and excellence, so it makes sense that organizations are investing in their DevOps teams, but how can businesses know if they are overspending in this area? As companies scale their applic...

Automated Security Testing

Automated Security Testing Tools 101

Security is a top priority for IT outsourcing companies and their clients, but maintaining high levels of security across multiple projects is often challenging and expensive. Thankfully, the key to mitigating that challenge exists in the power of au...

Evolution of agile, devops and ci/cd

DevOps, CI/CD Pipelines and Agile: What Unites Them?

Global demand for excellence has always driven the software development industry's evolution. Over time, the emergence of Waterfall, Agile, and DevOps methodologies is evidence of this, as development companies constantly adapt their delivery methods...

man-thinking-about-solution-performance engineering

Improving Performance Visibility in the Software Development Lifecycle

Coding, deployment, monitoring, staging; everything within the software development lifecycle should be performance-oriented. If not, one of them quickly becomes a weak link and will negatively impact the rest. Maintaining this strict level of perfor...

Perficient Latin America Nearshore software development and data science

Performance Analysis and Data Science: Partners in Excellence

As software becomes more complex across the board, new techniques emerge that simplify and improve the software development lifecycle, particularly within the area of product performance. Thanks to its natural compatibility with performance analysis,...


Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: DevOps Engineer David Vasquez

?PSL senior software developer and DevOps engineer, David Vasquez, sat down with us to talk about his experience at Perficient Latin America, his favorite thing about working at one of the leading software outsourcing companies in Latin America, and ...


Positively Impacting Clients Through Thoughtful DevOps Implementation: Interview with Juan Ruiz

It’s been a little over a decade since DevOps started to make its way into the mainstream of software development. But rather than experience a wane in popularity, it’s become integral to different areas of the software development lifecycle.