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Engaging team retrospectives

Engaging Retrospectives for Constant Team Improvement: A Brief Guide

Agile retrospectives are not usually the most exciting aspect of software development, but they can be far more engaging when seen as a platform to motivate teams. Retrospective meetings provide a valuable opportunity for agile or DevOps teams to ref...

Perficient Latin America working from home

Excellence in Virtual Delivery: The Perficient Latin America Edition

With all employees working from home, life is far from normal at PSL and throughout the world. However, this time away from the office has proven that without a doubt the Perficient Latin America community is comprised of incredibly strong, conn...


Perficient Latin America: Supporting the Local Economy in Latin America

Latin American countries are experiencing increased volatility with market declines and unstable exchange rates. Small businesses in these locations are taking a huge hit from the pandemic with economic restrictions resulting in a recession. While sm...

Security Awareness

How to Build a Culture of Security Awareness within a Development Team

Applications cannot succeed in today's world without high levels of security built into them, so training software developers to build robust, secure products is essential. Security can be a complicated topic. Many developers would rather learn a new...

Security Meeting at Perficient Latin America

Password Management and Social Intelligence in the Era of Mr. Robot

Great TV shows take deep inspiration from reality and use that insight to teach us and also show us things we might be unaware of amid the chaos of our daily lives. As a tech company, one of our favorite examples of this is Mr. Robot, a show that fol...


Who Targets Who? And Who Targets You?

According to a recent survey by Appcelerator and IDC Apple is leading the enterprise app space. This is because, according to the survey, businesses are concerned over Android's fragmentation, apparent higher malware possibility and other factors. Th...


Making Blockchain Work for Your Business

News of Blockchain's potential has reverberated throughout almost every industry this past decade, and the hype is justified. In Deloitte's 2019 Global Blockchain Survey, 53% of senior executives expressed that blockchain has become a critical priori...


Featured Post: Hiring the Modern Programmer

This article first appeared in written by Perficient Latin America's Laura Navarro.  With our ever-increasing technological dependence, modern society has placed a major premium on STEM careers and other technical backgrounds. T...


Going Nearshore: Software Development Outsourcing Tips for Your Next Project

Modern technology makes it easier to collaborate remotely, yet software development outsourcing is still a serious consideration for any business and shouldn't be undertaken without understanding a few key components. It doesn't matter how much exper...