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Why Software Outsourcing to Colombia Makes Sense

When you think about your ideal IT outsourcing location, what comes to mind? You'd want proximity for on-site visits and efficient communication; you'd also want a highly talented workforce to help you elevate your projects; you'd want to be able to ...

Picture_Esteban-Hernandez.jp_20190430-182157_1 Esteban Hernandez, Big Data Scietist at Perficient Latin America

Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Esteban Hernandez

"What gets me most excited is the idea that Perficient Latin America's future is my future. I believe I can create a new future that will influence the future of Perficient Latin America." — Esteban Hernandez, Big Data Scientist at Perficient Latin A...


IT Outsourcing Companies: Go Nearshore to Skyrocket Efficiency

The global outsourcing market is massive. It generated $85.6 billion in 2018, according to Statista, and IT outsourcing companies were responsible for the lion's share of this amount, generating revenues of $62 billion. Software development outsourci...


Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Catalina Soto

"I think that the work that we've done in terms of performance engineering has been so interesting, and it's still a challenge to improve our process even further; to try to collect and analyze all the results from performance tests and different imp...

42922751_l QA vs Quality Engineer vs SDET

Spot Your Specialist: QA vs. QE vs. SDET

"Why do we test software?" The answers are surprisingly varied. This year's World Quality Report, however, reveals teams are becoming more user-oriented with customer satisfaction reported as the primary reason for testing software. As the WQR puts i...


Performance Testing and Performance Engineering Best Practices

As performance engineering gains traction in software development, it's important for companies— even smaller ones—to pay attention to the differences between performance engineering and performance testing. Organizations need to take steps towards i...

IMG_20190208_140137_hz PSL's Daily Stand Up with Alejandro Calderon

Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Alejandro Calderon

We've been publishing these interviews in the hopes of giving you a glimpse into our fantastic nearshore software development workforce. These professionals are the heart and soul of Perficient Latin America, and we love being able to share their exp...


The Role of BA and UX in IT Outsourcing Projects

It's not uncommon in offshore software development to come across two roles that seem to have absolutely nothing in common. Or so you think. Upon closer inspection, you actually find that they're much more similar than they seemed at f...


Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Maria Avendaño

I learn new things every day. Something that's really interesting to me are the lunch and learns, since they keep me updated on all the new developments in my field. —  Maria Fernanda Avendaño, Software Engineer at Perficient Latin America As a ...

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