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Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Carlos Zuluaga

At Perficient Latin America, we count ourselves lucky to have such a diverse and incredibly talented offshore software development workforce. Our employees cover an extensive range of specialties, capabilities, and technologies, but most importantly,...


Perficient Latin America at ScaleConf Colombia 2019 and DevOpsDays Bogota

We’ve said it before: At Perficient Latin America, we love technology, but our mission goes beyond it. As part of our greater objective of positively impacting the societies we operate in, we believe that the democratization of knowledge is integral ...


Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Sebastian Velez

Companies across the tech industry need to be especially attentive to the latest developments in technologies. The world of fast-paced developments demands even the smallest organizations remain flexible and open to innovation, bringing together the ...


Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Carolina Contreras

"Every day, I feel immense pride and joy that I'm part of an organization that not only finds people but moves people, and that I'm part of that movement." — Carolina Contreras, Director of Outstanding People & Talent Resourcing at Perf...

medellin-1 Medellin, Nearshore City of the Year

Medellin Named Nearshore Destination of the Year

Everybody's talking about Medellin these days and for good reason. The city is no stranger to accolades like the Lee Kuan Yew World City Award, the World Travel Awards leading destination in South America, and the Bravo award for most Transformationa...


Boost Cloud Security in Offshore Software Development Projects

The cloud has changed the business landscape by enabling collaboration on a completely new level, which has resulted in massive leaps in creativity and innovation. Companies can now build teams of highly qualified professionals without worrying about...


Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Ginna Largo

Successful nearshore outsourcing teams are not made of talented professionals, but of individuals that are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves. They're highly invested in their teammates and work to develop skills outside their roles. &...


Maximize Nearshore IT Services Results with Effective Leadership

Achieving high employee engagement is more important than ever. Statistics show that engaged teams will achieve 21% greater profitability and are 17% more productive. They also make fewer mistakes and are more innovative. But what does employee engag...


Turning DevOps Misconceptions into Opportunities in Colombia

With its increasing popularity in the world of software outsourcing, DevOps has quickly become one of those trendy industry buzzwords that overshadow the nature of its true value. According to Perficient Latin America's resident DevOps expert, Juan R...

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