Product Owner

We’re hiring curious, innovative, and driven Product Owners. We’re looking for someone capable of understanding the complexities of software development to ideate and define exceptional products for Fortune 500 clients. We need inquisitive, frank candidates who can read between the lines and ask the difficult questions needed to clarify the product vision, align stakeholders and deliver the highest value for our clients. If you’re looking to drive change, accelerate your potential and excel on a global scale, apply today!

As a Product Owner, you’ll:

  • Provide vision and direction to the software development team throughout the project.
  • Play an active role in removing blockers and detecting risks and dependencies within the project.
  • Ensure that the team is delivering on expectations, has a clear plan and adequate prioritization.
  • Collaborate with clients, stakeholders and users to define a product strategy, roadmap and growth opportunities.
  • Work with agile development teams to deliver business value through iterative product increments.
  • Own backlog management, iteration planning, and elaboration of user stories.
  • Lead the planning for product release plans and set expectations for new functionalities.
  • Always drive the product improvement by accelerating feedback loops.

What you’ll need to succeed:

  • C1 level of English. This role requires you to constantly communicate with clients, stakeholders and users in North America.
  • Experience with software development processes or previous experience in a technical software development role.
  • Passion for understanding and questioning our clients’ business and products.
  • Strong communication skills. You’ll be required to work closely with global stakeholders to negotiate, prioritize, define and document the product.
  • A goal-oriented mindset and tenacious drive towards making an impact.
  • Experience prioritizing tasks and activities in order to add the most value in a timely and constant way.
  • Strong collaboration skills. You’ll be the glue and the focus needed to make the team more than the sum of its parts.
  • Strong time management skills.
  • Empathy and transparency to ensure all team members and contributors are involved, engaged and aligned with the realities and objectives of the project.
  • Understanding of UX and UX techniques so the product you are helping realize brings delight to its users.
  • Knowledge in QA strategies and testing in order to ensure our teams are delivering top-quality products.

As part of our team, you’ll:

  • Have access to a broad spectrum of learning possibilities because of the cross-functional and inclusive nature of our teams and company.
  • Bring your expertise to all areas of the team and the company, not work in a siloed area.
  • Work on a constantly evolving service with people that want to shape and implement that vision, creating an open set of challenges.
  • Collaborate with international clients to define processes, cultural shifts, and necessary technologies to maximize business value.
  • Work in an agile environment, implementing and following engineering best practices in different projects.
  • Constantly learn from very talented people and participate in courses and training activities, you’ll be joining a global company of more than 4,500 colleagues.
  • Positively impact the communities where we operate through a variety of social impact programs.

Our selection process is focused on getting to know your talents and experiences and exploring your cultural fit. We value diversity and initiative, meaning we are open to considering different contexts, levels of study, and more.

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About Perficient Latin America

Perficient Latin America operates at the intersection of drive, quality and innovation, providing advanced software engineering services at the speed of nearshore. With more than 600 professionals operating out of offices in Medellín, Bogotá and Cali Colombia, Perficient Latin America is part of Perficient’s optimized global delivery approach. Perficient is a leading digital consultancy that partners with some of the world’s biggest brands to imagine, create, engineer and run digital solutions.

We put people first, which means giving our teams the space and the resources they need to discover and innovate, supporting them in their development endeavors and career growth, and providing unique and top-tier challenges collaborating with international clients. We’re growing fast and we’re looking for ambitious, collaborative problem solvers that want to help us drive that global growth!