.NET Developer 

Are you the .NET Developer we are looking for? 


We are seeking someone with potential in all .NET perspectives, with experience in the platform functionalities, interested in exploring and learning the new functionalities offered by the latest versions of .NET to help you create cutting-edge technology projects. Also, you must have excellent communication skills in English and Spanish to communicate with our global team. 

Interested in Growing Your Career?

At Perficient, you have no limits for growth, and you can create your own career path with guidance and mentorships that can help you move from one point to another.   


For example,  as a .NET developer, you will always have a chance to learn about new technologies, explore top functionalities, innovate and join communities to play around and talk about upgrades in the .NET platform. Plus, if you want to become a .NET pro, you can also choose the specialization that you like the most (Azure-oriented, web development-oriented, or data-oriented). 


On the other hand, you might also want to grow your career towards a team lead role or as an engineering implementation manager (architect). As part of our culture of continuous improvement and learning, we want our developers to work within the areas they enjoy most and provide the best opportunities for career development. 

To Rock This Role, You Should:

We Believe In Your Growth! These Are The Benefits For You:

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Set your salary: Learn, improve your career and decide how much you want to make! 
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Manage your time: Do you need time for yourself? Are you having a bad day? Errands to run? No worries, just let your team know. 
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Grow with us: We want you to feel happy and have a clear purposeIf you to want to excel your own expectations, we´re here to support you in different aspects; academic, professional and as a human being.  

Are you ready to participate and #GrowWithPerficient? 

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