Delivery Lead

If you are a pro at delivering software development projects efficiently and within an agile environment, this is the perfect role for you. As you might know, a Delivery Lead is like the missing piece of the puzzle that can quickly adapt to different scenarios, connect with clients, and guarantee a strategic roadmap for the whole team. In this role, your interpersonal skills will be a key asset to further your impact and engage in technical decision-making within a team and the client. Also, it is important to have in mind that you will be working with human beings, and one challenging task will be building projects around motivated individuals working towards their career growth and ensuring that the best engineering practices are implemented.   


This role challenges you to understand and embrace Agile values and principles at their core beyond a particular methodology. Here you will learn about the best engineering practices and work with the latest technologies within projects. There are multiple growth opportunities, and if you want to go above and beyond in this role, you should be willing to contribute with innovative ideas, foster change at an organizational level, incentivize the idea that things are not written in stone and understand that there is always room for improvement.

To Rock This Role, You Should:

We Believe In Your Growth! These Are The Benefits For You:

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Set your salary: Learn, improve your career and decide how much you want to make! 
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Manage your time: Do you need time for yourself? Are you having a bad day? Errands to run? No worries, just let your team know. 
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Grow with us: We want you to feel happy and have a clear purposeIf you to want to excel your own expectations, we´re here to support you in different aspects; academic, professional and as a human being.  

Are you ready to participate and #GrowWithPerficient?