Data Scientist 

We are looking for data lovers with intellectual curiosity. Does this sound interesting to you? The perfect candidate for this role is a person who has a very structured way of thinking and the ability to use data to tell a story. Yes, we are looking for storytellers, and advocates for data informed decision making that are willing to solve problems with critical thinking. 


If you are passionate about programming, love data development and enjoy answering business questions supported with data, this is the right place for you.  We are looking for a person with strong technical knowledge and a proactive problem-solver that has excellent communication skills both in English and Spanish. 


This role challenges you to stay ahead of the curve while learning about the client´s industry and having a general understanding of the type of data used in different sectors such as healthcare, financial, retail and much more. In this role, it is important to be open to constant learning and evolution.

To Rock This Role You Should:

We Believe In Your Growth! These Are The Benefits For You:

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Set your salary: Learn, improve your career and decide how much you want to make! 
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Manage your time: Do you need time for yourself? Are you having a bad day? Errands to run? No worries, just let your team know. 
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Grow with us: We want you to feel happy and have a clear purposeIf you to want to excel your own expectations, we´re here to support you in different aspects; academic, professional and as a human being.  

Are you ready to participate and #GrowWithPerficient?