Angular Developer

If you like micro front-ends, have used Angular CLI, and are familiar with structuring projects in components and services, this role is for you. Front-end developers play a key role in organizations since they are responsible for implementing the front-end logic that defines the behavior of visual elements of web applications as well as the end-user experience.


Here you will be actively involved in the whole project lifecycle, from prototyping to the implementation of advanced phases. Just have in mind that you will need to write clean and production-ready code and you will be responsible for integrating front-end modules with the proper backend. 


So, if your passion is design and development and would like to improve visual elements, please keep reading. This gets better.

To Rock This Role, You Should

We Believe In Your Growth! These Are The Benefits For You:

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Set your salary: Learn, improve your career and decide how much you want to make! 
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Manage your time: Do you need time for yourself? Are you having a bad day? Errands to run? No worries, just let your team know. 
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Grow with us: We want you to feel happy and have a clear purposeIf you to want to excel your own expectations, we´re here to support you in different aspects; academic, professional and as a human being.  

Are you ready to participate and #GrowWithPerficient?