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Agility founded in best practices. Always aiming to be amongst the top agile companies of 2020.

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Accelerate the release of your software and scale quickly with the support of an agile-focused, delivery-centric engineering team. Following a SCRUM approach allows you to decrease risk, improve business value, and increase agility quickly and efficiently.

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Extreme Programming Practices

We embrace extreme programming to guide the development of high-quality, responsive software. Key practices, such as collective code ownership, pair programming, test-driven development, continuous integration and refactoring, are embedded in our process to improve software quality, reliability, stability, and maintainability.

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Continuous Deployment / DevOps

Processes designed to ensure tight integration between the provisioning of cloud-infrastructure and the constant delivery of functionality to production. Implementing Continuous Deployment and DevOps allows you to consistently add value to your end-users.

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Leading Management Tools

We choose relevant, useful tools to ensure continuous monitoring and evolution. Using the most relevant tools and collaborative spaces, like wikis, our agile software development lifecycle is constantly monitored and evolved to provide continuous value.

Quality and agile development go hand in hand. There is nothing more frustrating than iterating quickly, only to find that your user-base is frustrated because your weekly sprint release submitted for beta testing was mired with bugs.

Perficient Latin America Top Agile Software Development Principles

atom Team Alignment

In order to work as one team to achieve your technology goals, we align goals, methodologies, ceremonies, standards, architecture and design principles, QA strategy, and more.

silhouette of man thinking Strong Feedback Cycles

Software is a matter of feedback cycles. The faster we iterate, the faster we can show results and learn from our mistakes, so we champion a rapid and comprehensive feedback process.

phone and window Delivery-focused Mindset

Perficient Latin America is committed to delivering software that adds value to our clients, not tomorrow or in the near future, but now.

laptop and phone Product Ownership

As our client, you exercise complete product ownership in all aspects of the software engineering project. We complement your expertise by deploying nearshore agile teams that channel your business needs into high-quality code.

computer with coding tag Process Adjustments

Our promise is to adjust to fit your requirements, while maintaining the core agile software development principles that make us successful.

We can also help clients that are new to agile implement the principles of agile software development gradually.

Celebrating 15+ years of agile software development

1200+ agile software projects delivered to date.

Perficient Latin America pioneered the shift to agile in Latin America, and now we boast some of the most sophisticated DevOps and agile methodologies.

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Our work with clients in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in North America accounts for over 80% of our software engineering clients.

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