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The agile development category of the blog covers insights from Perficient Latin America experts on agile software development, agile methodologies, the latest developments in agile, and more.

Agile Best Practices: Interview with Perficient Latin America VP of Business Development

The Sociable's editor in chief Tim Hinchliffe sat down with VP of Business Development, Alejandro Vasquez, to talk more about agile best practices.  Perficient Latin America delivers high-quality software engineering solutions by mastering ...

Using Agile Solutions to Drive Business Development

Using Agile Solutions to Drive Business Development

To maintain a competitive edge, businesses need to quickly adapt to market fluctuations and changing client needs. Agile business development takes the lessons learned from agile software development and applies it to the development of new business ...

Embracing Digital Disruption in the Business World

Embracing Digital Disruption in the Business World

This article first appeared in The Startup Magazine written by Conrad Egusa. Technology has become so disruptive in the business world that sometimes its exact purpose can be forgotten. From marketing to product development, to new software tools and...


How To Use Metrics To Measure The Success Of Your Agile Projects

This article first appered in, written by Perficient Latin America Scrum Master, John A. Jaramillo. Ah, metrics. A company's best friend. Without them, a business can't be certain it's on track with deadlines. It doesn't know if it's opera...

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Going Agile? Here’s Why You Should Choose the Right Framework for the Job

The Agile Manifesto Outlines the Core Tenets, But Each Framework Is Still Different The Agile Manifesto is what sets the core principles for several methodologies in existence. All of them have this in common, while the methodology itself is a unique...


The State of Agile

While it may seem like the world has moved from agile to DevOps, a lot of organizations are still working on maturing agile processes. After all, DevOps should be considered an extension of agile, making the need to scale and mature agile first an im...


Scaling Agile to Spur Innovation: Part 1

In today's landscape, established businesses are always looking for a leg up on the competition, and it makes sense why. Aside from direct rivals and insurgent competition there are many startups appearing, as well. The market — and this is true for ...

From Agile to DevOps

From Agile to DevOps

When the Agile methodology revolution began in 2001, it called for Individuals and interactions over processes and toolsWorking software over comprehensive documentationCustomer collaboration over contract negotiationResponding to change over fo...